N’DJAMENA— Thirteen people have been killed in deadly clashes between farmers and herders in central Chad, a regional governor said Wednesday.

Violence between the two communities is frequent in central and southern Chad, where many people are armed.

They mainly pit nomadic Arab herders against sedentary indigenous farmers who accuse the former of damaging their fields by grazing their animals.

“A child stole the hoe of a farmer and then an altercation broke out on Tuesday at around 1:00 pm between farmers and herders” in Djongol, 700 kilometres east of the capital N’Djamena, said Sogour Mahamat Galma, governor of Guera province.

He said the dispute escalated and resulted in the use of firearms.

“So far there are 13 dead and 20 wounded, tension between the communities is ongoing,” Mahamat Galma said.

Bloody clashes between the two communities are regular in Chad.

In August 2021, 22 people were killed in clashes 200 kilometres east of the Chadian capital.

In February 2021, 35 people were killed in the south of the country.

Source: Nam News Network

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