B20 Saudi Arabia profiles first ever Action Council in concert with International Women’s Day

Council highlights three priority areas as part of B20 policy recommendations

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In concert with International Women’s Day, to be celebrated on Sunday 08 March, B20 Saudi Arabia, the official business voice of the G20 community, profiled several priorities for the Women in Business Action Council.  The Council, the first of its kind for the B20, will ensure that issues surrounding gender diversity in business and economic empowerment of women are placed at the center of the B20 Saudi Arabia.

While the B20 taskforces work on policy recommendations, the Action Council has identified three priority areas that need immediate action:

  1. Level the playing field for women by driving reforms to unlock their full workforce potential, fostering an enabling environment, encouraging new ways of flexible working and closing the gender pay gap.
  2. A call to action for countries to create the environment and to improve access to resources for women to succeed in starting their own businesses.
  3. Bring all stakeholders together to accelerate progress, developing an institutional framework while designing user-centric policies that enable women to thrive.

The B20 Saudi Arabia has established six task forces that concentrate on specific economic priority areas, with 656 task force members across all G20 members. The Women in Business Action Council sits across all six task forces, a structural change from past B20 cycles. Women make up 43% of the B20 Saudi Arabia Task Force and Action Council Chairs, the highest proportion in the group’s history. Furthermore, the B20 Secretariat established criteria for Committee Membership that has resulted in 33% of participants being women, the highest percentage among some of the most recent B20 cycles (Turkey 23% in 2015, Germany 22% in 2017, Argentina 28% in 2018).

“The Women in Business Action Council is the first initiative of its kind in the history of the B20. It has been established with the recognition that mainstreaming women in business is key to improving the standards of business conduct including integrity, empathy, and creativity, thus adding to economic growth and productivity,” said Mr. Yousef Al-Benyan, Chair of the B20 Saudi Arabia.

Aligned with the key theme of International Women’s Day 2020 “I am generation Equality: Realizing Women’s rights,” the Council is primarily focused on addressing gender inequality, increasing women’s participation in the workforce and their representation in leadership positions. It comprises 52 members from the global business community and is represented by every one of the G20 members.

“The Women in Business Action Council is addressing workplace challenges by looking at related life-cycle solutions ranging from higher education & STEM to addressing impediments to professional advancement and leadership positions using a mix of organizational culture to legislative / regulatory options,” said Ms. Rania Nashar, Chair of the Women in Business Action Council and CEO of SAMBA.  “We will be bringing our efforts around women empowerment to life over the course of the next year by participating in a number of initiatives in the region and abroad.”

To help socialize their priorities and secure input from the broader B20 community, the B20 Women in Business Action Council will participate in a number of high-profile global events over the course of the next year.

About B20

The Business Twenty (B20) is the official G20 dialogue with the business community. As the voice of the private sector to the G20, it represents the global business community across all G20 members and all economic sectors. Formed in 2010, it is the first engagement group of the G20.

The B20 supports the G20 through specific policy recommendations, the consolidated representation of business interests and economic expertise. It also fosters dialogue between the public and private sector.

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Health ministry: Coronavirus cases in Bethlehem rise to 19

RAMALLAH, The ministry of health said that the number of people who have been infected with the Coronavirus has risen to 19 in the Bethlehem district, in the southern West Bank.

Three people who came in contact with the infected cases at Angel Hotel in Bethlehem were tested positive and placed in quarantine, said the ministry.

It said tests were conducted until today on 500 people suspected of contracting the disease but all turned out negative.

It said 32 others are kept in a quarantine at Angel Hotel in Bethlehem, the same hotel were the confirmed 16 cases of coronavirus are kept, and 15 others at Paradise Hotel also in Bethlehem where infected tourists seem to have been.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

Health ministry: 16 coronavirus cases, 18 in quarantine, 350 in isolation at home

RAMALLAH, There are 16 confirmed coronavirus cases in Palestine so far, today the Palestinian Ministry of Health in its daily report on coronavirus.

In addition, 18 were placed in special quarantine for 14 days, 16 of them in the West Bank city of Jericho and two at Gaza’s Rafah crossing with Egypt, and 350 people who were in the company of infected or suspected cases were told to isolate themselves at home, said the ministry.

It said 32 others are kept in a quarantine at Angel Hotel in Bethlehem, the same hotel were the confirmed 16 cases of coronavirus are kept, and 15 others at Paradise Hotel also in Bethlehem where infected tourists seem to have been.

It said tests were conducted until today on 500 people suspected of contracting the disease but all turned out negative.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

Dozens suffocate in Issawiyeh clashes

JERUSALEM, Dozens of Palestinians suffocated today by tear gas used against them by Israeli forces during clashes that broke out in al-Issawiyeh area in occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources.

Sources said Israeli forces stormed several neighborhoods in Issawiyeh and assaulted residents, leading to clashes.

Forces heavily fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters directly toward residents and their homes, causing dozens to suffocate due to tear gas inhalation.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

On International Women’s Day, 43 Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons

RAMALLAH, Marking International Women’s Day, which coincides tomorrow, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said today that there are 43 Palestinian women incarcerated in Israel for resisting the Israeli occupation of their land.

It said 27 of the women have been sentenced to various terms, the highest is 16 years for Shurouq Dwayat, from occupied East Jerusalem, and Shatilla Abu Ayyad, from inside Israel.

It said that 16 of the women prisoners are mothers, four held in administrative detention for various period without charge or trial and based on secret evidence, and eight were shot and wounded by soldiers before they were detained.

The PPS said one of wounded women is Isra Jaabis, 35, a mother of one child from Jerusalem who was arrested in October 2015 after a gas cylinder exploded in her car near an Israeli army checkpoint that caused her 60% burns on her body, mutilation, and amputation of eight fingers. She was also sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The PPS said Israel detained more than 16,000 Palestinian women since its occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip in June 1967.

It said the women prisoners undergo heavy interrogation and torture during detention to force them to sign confessions.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

As a precautionary step, Ramallah city sterilizes mosques, churches and homes for the elderly

RAMALLAH, As part of its effort to combat the deadly coronavirus disease, the Ramallah municipality decided following an emergency meeting to take preventive measure starting with sterilization of a number of the city’s institutions as per the priority plan set by the municipality.

According to this plan, all places of Muslim and Christian worship as well as Ramallah City Hall in all its sections will be sterilized in the first stage, which will be followed by sterilization of homes of the elderly, societies and municipal facilities, and then waste containers and their environs and waste transport vehicles.

Ramallah Mayor Mousa Hadid said these measures were necessary in order to secure the safety of the city’s population and visitors.

The Ramallah municipality decided as well to postpone all activities it has organized and scheduled for March, close many facilities including the Tourist Information Center, the Recreational Complex, the Cultural Palace, the Old City Hall, the municipal theater and all public parks.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency