–FAMSA, the Pan-African Medical Students organization has helped launch a free course on understanding the EBOLA virus and how to avoid getting it. Entitled “Comprendre le virus Ebola et comment l’eviter”, the course is aimed at French-Speaking residents of the hardest hit West African countries.

GALWAY, Ireland, Nov. 3, 2014 / PRNewswire — A FREE ONLINE course on avoiding Ebola, which has been taken by over 20,000 people across West Africa, is set to reach many thousands more thanks to a French translation organized by African medical students.

Entitled “Comprendre le virus Ebola et comment l’eviter”, (Understanding the Ebola Virus and How You Can Avoid It), the course dispels the myths surrounding Ebola and imparts practical knowledge and advice on how to avoid the deadly disease.

The translation effort was organised by FAMSA, the Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations. FAMSA members Adelard Kakunze, (Burundi); Moumini Niaone, (Burkina Faso); Hashim Hounkpatin, (Benin) and Mahutin Adonis Siegried Logbo, (Benin) led the translation work which was coordinated by Dr Eric Corbett, Head of Content at ALISON and Dorcas Naa Dedei Aryeetey of the Kwame Kkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana.

Gus Flomo, a community activist based in Monrovia, Liberia, who certified on the ALISON Ebola course, said it filled a knowledge gap. “In the midst of limited educational materials, the course was essential,” Mr Flomo said. “I passed this knowledge on to many people in rural towns and villages. It helped me to help my family and my county understand the risks.” See other West African testimonials here.

The course is based on guidelines from the WHO (World Health Organisation), and the US-based CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).

For the English-language version of the course click here. For the French translation, click here.


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