ALGIERS, Dec 24 — Visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced that an Algerian-Palestinian Ministerial Co-operation Committee is to be set up to boost co-operation between the two sides.

“We have broached the Algerian-Palestinian relations and decided to set up a bilateral ministerial committee on co-operation issues,” he said after calling on Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika here Monday.

President Abbas also said he discussed with President Bouteflika a number of issues, particularly the latest developments of the Palestinian issue in addition to the situation in the Arab world.

Algeria’s guest underlined that he gave to President Bouteflika Palestine’s highest distinction in recognition for his support to the Palestinian cause.”

In this regard, President Abbas said that late President Yasser Arafat “went to the United Nations with the support of President Bouteflika” and that the proclamation of the State of Palestine took place in Algeria.

Meanwhile, Algeria has called on the United Nations Security Council to positively consider the Arab draft resolution for a deadline to be set to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra said here Tuesday: “Algeria welcomes the support of the international community to the Palestinian cause which is reflected in the recognition of Palestine State by Sweden and further European parliaments.”

Speaking at a media conference held jointly with Palestinian President Abbas here, Lamamra cited the decisions of the parliaments of Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and the European Parliament, calling them courageous positions in calling on their governments to recognize the State of Palestine.

“These stages culminate the struggle of the Palestinian people, recognize its immense sacrifices throughout decades and also reflect that the Palestinians are fed up before the others,” he stressed.

In this regard, he recalled the statements of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that those steps which follow the collective failure to continue the peace process suggest that a large part of the international community is fed up with Israel’s intransigence and policy.

Moreover, Lamamra declared that it was high time for the international community to assume its responsibilities vis-à-vis the Palestinian people to uphold the international law in Palestine, intensify the international approaches and sensitize the international public opinion about this just cause. He stressed the UN’s fundamental and historical responsibilities to defend the inalienable rights of this people.

He highlighted Algeria’s support for the steps taken by the Palestinian leadership and those it plans to undertake in the future at all levels in order to unify the Palestinian ranks and mobilize international support for ending the occupation within a clear timetable and effective international guarantees.

The foreign minister added that the World day of solidarity with the Palestinian people comes in a moment when the angry of this people reached its peak because of Israel aggression policy, maintaining the settlement plans, the inhumane blockade in the Gaza Strip, the judaïzation of the holy city of Al Quds and the attempts to remove the Palestinian cultural and historical heritage.

This situation is also marked by the impasse of the peace process because of the procrastination policy of successive Israeli governments and emptied the Oslo agreements and peace treaties of their essence.


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