Arab Leagues calls for releasing Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails over corona

The Arab League called today on the international community to exert more pressure on Israel to release Palestinian prisoners in its jails and provide them with the necessary protection amid the spread of coronavirus.

Arab League Assistant Secretary-General, Saeed Abu Ali, said in a press statement that the humanitarian necessity and the rules of international humanitarian law in light of the pandemic have become more urgent to pressure the occupation authorities to save the lives of more than 5000 prisoners.

In Israeli prisons, he said, there are more than 700 male and female elderly prisoners, in addition to those who suffer from various diseases, including chronic that weaken the immune system, along with more than one 180 children and 42 mothers.

Abu Ali also held the occupation authorities responsible for the lives of the Palestinian prisoners, stressing that the international community must assume its responsibilities to ensure their release, and obligate the occupation authorities to the rules of international law, especially the release of the most vulnerable prisoners, including the sick and the elderly.

Palestinian prisoners are set Tuesday morning to commence a series of steps to protest Israeli Prison Service’s failure to take the proper measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Israeli jails

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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