As Israeli police escalate campaign against East Jerusalem neighborhood, 15 people detained

The campaign Israeli police has been waging for the last few months against Issawiyeh neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem reached a new peak early this morning with the detention of 15 residents of the neighborhood, according to local reports.

They said a large Israeli force raided the neighborhood, broke into homes in the early morning hours and rounded up 15 residents.

Families of two 13-year-old boys were also handed summons to have their sons appear at a police station in the morning.

The latest victim of the police campaign against Issawiyeh was a 9-year-old boy who lost his eye when shot by a rubber bullet fired by an Israeli policeman.

The boy, Malik Issa, was returning home from school on February 15 and as he was coming out from a shop he was hit by a bullet that fractured his skull and hit his left eye, according to family members.

Issa underwent three surgeries at an Israeli hospital to save his eye without success.

Two policemen involved in the incident were questioned then released.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency