Asia Plantation Capital Reports US$59m in Turnover

SINGAPORE, Sept. 17, 2014 / PRNewswire — Asia Plantation Capital announced an almost 50% rise in turnover for its financial year of 2013. Achieving a new revenue peak of US$53.5 million, the company attributes this to a corporate strategy of ensuring all plantations projects it invests in and undertakes will deliver high value end market products.

Agarwood%20trees%20in%20various%20stages Asia Plantation Capital Reports US$59m in Turnover

Agarwood trees in various stages of growth from Asia Plantation Capital plantations

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Another company record figure of US$6 million in repayments was made to stakeholders on the company’s various agroforestry plantation projects last year. This figure is projected to continue rising over the coming years with more of its plantation species reaching maturity. Also achieved during the year, are the continued harvesting and production of Oud (Agarwood Oil) from the company’s managed, Agarwood plantations. During 2013 and to date (May 2014), the company has been achieving its yield targets for its trees, with an average and consistent yield over 2 Tolas (24ml) per tree; with over 12500 Tola successfully produced during the period, creating a milestone for the company.

Asia Plantation Capital’s bamboo plantations’ harvests have been continuing since early 2013, producing consistent yields of edible shoots and with future diversification into bamboo based biomass and flooring planned. Across the other plantation and agroforestry species that the company is involved with, growth and development has been steady. Asia Plantation Capital’s plantations in Thailand and Sri Lanka have fared well, despite some extreme weather conditions across the region, during 2013.

Agarwood%20trees%20in%20various%20stages%20of%20growth Asia Plantation Capital Reports US$59m in Turnover

Agarwood trees in various stages of growth from Asia Plantation Capital plantations

Asia Plantation Capital continues to aggressively invest in its plantations, implementing the latest processing and production systems technologies. The company leverages leading engineering specialists and researchers in Thailand to advise on improvements across all sectors of the company’s plantation operations; continuing its policy of working with various Universities on key research projects related to its activities.

“Asia Plantation Capital continues to deliver outstanding results for our investors. Despite many challenging factors within the sector, we have consistently continued to grow and strengthen our position in the market. Our philosophy of constantly investing in our plantations projects through the introduction of the latest proven techniques and technology, together with strong operational management, has reaped substantial rewards over the years,” said Mr. Barry Rawlinson, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Plantation Capital. “As we find new opportunities and markets, we will ensure that what we plant is sustainable, produces end products that are of high value and contributes to the community,” added Mr. Rawlinson.

Agarwood%20trees%20in%20various%20stages%20of%20growth%20from%20Asia%20Plantation Asia Plantation Capital Reports US$59m in Turnover

Agarwood trees in various stages of growth from Asia Plantation Capital plantations.

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