Bloody Friday in Gaza

Standing by the intensive care unit in the European Hospital of Gaza, the Palestinian father Emad al-Sinwar, filled with worry and fear, was waiting to know the fate of his son who had just been shot while doing his job as a paramedic in Gaza protests.

Mustafa al-Sinwar, 23, was targeted with a teargas canister directly to the neck while attending to those injured in Khan Younis city.

Al-Sinwar was not the only one to be hit in the head during Friday’s protests. The majority of the injured suffered live ammunition and rubber bullet wounds in the head in different Gaza areas.

A few steps away from al-Sinwar’s father stood the family of the Palestinian child Belal Jargoun who was also targeted with a teargas canister to the head while posing no threat to anyone.

Deliberate use of force

The Israeli occupation forces deliberately used excessive force against the peaceful protesters marching along Gaza border on the 42nd Friday of the Great March of Return.

The Israeli army again used lethal force despite the widespread condemnation it has received for targeting unarmed demonstrators, medics, and journalists.

Surprisingly, following advanced ceasefire talks between Israel and Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza, the Israeli soldiers heavily opened fire at Gaza protesters.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health on Friday announced that a 43-year-old woman named Amal al-Taramis died after she was shot in the head east of Gaza city.

Dozens of Palestinians were injured on the same day. Head injuries, whether by live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets or teargas canisters, were the most common.

Unprecedented confusion was witnessed among the medical crews because of the large number of casualties, especially in Khan Younis, the PIC reporter said. Most of the injured had to be transferred from the field medical camps to the city’s hospital.


Ahmad Abu Zuhri, a researcher in politics and law, said that the Israeli army stepped up its attacks on Palestinian protesters on Friday.

Abu Zuhri told the PIC that this can be clearly seen in the increased number of casualties who were mostly shot in the upper parts of their body.

He stressed that the use of lethal force against peaceful protesters mirrors Israel’s “criminal face” seeking the death of more innocent victims.

Israel has shown no respect to the regional and international efforts aimed at restoring calm in the Gaza Strip, Abu Zuhri added, noting that Israel has violated all international laws, including the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Palestinian researcher said that every new week Israel expands the circle of aggression. On Friday, 11 January, Israeli warplanes and tanks took part in the assault and bombed several targets in Gaza.

The international community should shoulder its moral responsibility and act toward putting an end to the ongoing Israeli crimes.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health said that a Palestinian woman was killed and 185 were injured when the Israeli occupation army heavily opened fire at the Great March of Return protesters on Gaza border on Friday.

Source: Palestine Info Center