Cabinet meets after reshuffle

The Cabinet of Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh met on Tuesday after a Royal Decree approved a reshuffle of the government.

At the outset of the session, Khasawneh congratulated the new ministers who joined the government, expressing his confidence that they will be up to the task.

He also thanked outgoing ministers, noting they all did a good job in the service of the country and its leadership as they worked under “exceptional circumstances” and challenges, namely the Covid-19 pandemic and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the prices of goods and global supply chains.

The Prime Minister said the government is keen to pursue implementation of the comprehensive modernization scheme, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II and supported by His Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, in its three tracks: the political modernization system, economic modernization vision and the public sector modernization roadmap.

The government, he said, embarked on the implementation phases of the economic and administrative tracks six months ago, and also finalized the legislative package and constitutional amendments for the next constitutional requirement, parliamentary elections, which will be held next year, and for the first time will be based on the outcomes of the new election and political parties laws and relevant constitutional amendments.

The Premier said a lot of work needs to accomplish, especially laying the ground work for the next stages of the comprehensive modernization enterprise, which requires strenuous efforts with more focus and harmony between state institutions as it does not tolerate slowness, distraction, duplication, inconsistency or conflict.

He noted that the relationship with both the Parliament’s chambers, the Lower House and Senate, is governed by flexible separation, balance and cooperation within constitutional controls, adding that the parliament’s ordinary session will be held soon, where the government has a legislative agenda.

Khasawneh said he pinned high hopes on his ministerial team to establish a “solid program” to build for the next stages of the modernization process, which is irreversible as His Majesty the King reiterated in so many occasions.

Also during today’s session, the cabinet renamed the ministerial economic team and ministerial committees after the reshuffle, and also named incoming Minister of Government Communications as official spokesman of the government.

Source: Jordan News Agency