Capital experiences major mass march on anniversary of al-Sarkha

The capital Sana’a witnessed on Wednesday morning in Bab al-Yemen Square a major mass march to commemorate the anniversary of al-Sarkah in the face of the arrogant.

The crowds chanted the slogan of freedom, pride, and disavowal of the nation’s enemies, confronting the forces of evil and global arrogance, and rejecting the US and Zionist hegemony and tutelage in Yemen and the region.

They emphasized that al-Sarkha launched by the martyr, Commander Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, revived the spirit of jihad, pride, and courage in the nation, and became a symbol of freedom and a slogan for the free, as a weapon and position that terrorizes the countries of tyranny and arrogance.

They raised slogans emphasizing adherence to the Qur’anic project and following the path of the martyr leader in confronting the plots and plans of the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation and their agents, and rejecting tutelage and hegemony.

The crowds pointed out that every free man must shout the slogan to embody his position rejecting the US and Zionist policies that seek to dominate people, plunder their wealth and violate their sovereignty, especially the Arab and Islamic countries.

They affirmed the continued steadfastness of the Yemeni people, the consolidation of the Qur’anic culture and faith identity, and the promotion of awareness of the US and Zionist colonial projects, as well as the boycott of the US and Zionist goods.

The crowds explained the importance of commemorating al-Sarkha in the face of tyrants and the arrogant, and thwarting their criminal plans targeting Yemen, land and people, and strengthening alignment and efforts to defend the country, its freedom and independence until victory is achieved.

Advisor of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Meftah confirmed that the martyr leader raised a al-Sarkha in the face of the arrogant powers at a time when the largest countries and strongest regimes submitted to the US hegemony, which sought to blackmail the world under the name of terrorism and fabricated criminal incidents and used them for blackmail.

Meftah pointed out that between the beginning of al-Sarkha in the face of the arrogant and the stage in which we live today, great transformations took place at all levels in favor of the Qur’anic project, indicating that at the national level those who chanted al-Sarkha were persecuted while they were a small group and in limited places and with determination, persistence, trust in God, certainty of victory and readiness for sacrifice. Today al-Sarkha is going around the world.

Meftah explained that the Yemeni people carry the banner of confronting American tyranny, ahead of all peoples and a spearhead in this confrontation, and they possess strength, ability, awareness and determination, which makes them live in a real state of victory and in the face of an unprecedented historical victory.

The advisor pointed out that the US administration was involved in pushing its tools in the region to directly attack Yemen, and formed an aggressive and criminal alliance that waged a comprehensive war of extermination over the past nine years, and inflicted a military, moral and political defeat on its hegemony and all its tools.

He mentioned that the system of employment, dependency and dependence – the Saudi regime – executes citizens in the eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula on charges that it cannot show, including raising al-Sarkha and soon the client Saudi regime affiliated with the American administration and global Zionism will find itself besieged by this great al-Sarkha.

Meftah stressed that al-Sarkha is no longer the monopoly of one current, but rather has become a slogan for all free people in the face of American tyranny, pointing out that al-Sarkha is an introduction to culture, awareness and mobilization to boycott the uS and Zionist goods, and to confront the current of global decadence and corruption.

Source: Yemen News Agency