Chairman of Uzbek CCI to QNA: HH the Amir’s Visit is Opportunity to Launch Mutual Strategic Partnership

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Republic of Uzbekistan Davron Vakhabov stressed that the visit of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Uzbekistan represents a considerable opportunity to establish trade partnerships between Qatar and Uzbekistan and a significant step to launch investment projects that benefit the two countries.

In his remarks to Qatar News Agency , Vakhabov said that the close relations between the leaderships in the two countries, which is crowned by HH the Amir’s visit to Uzbekistan, would constitute an impetus and substantial incentive to encourage the chambers of commerce and industry in Uzbekistan and Qatar to take actual measures to establish strong trade partnerships that reflect the capabilities of the two countries.

He stressed that HH the Amir’s visit to Uzbekistan would surely encourage businesspersons in both countries to involve in an actual and effective dialogue to establish commercial projects, as the chambers of commerce and industry in Uzbekistan and Qatar have had a relationship since 2010, but no tangible steps were taken to activate this relationship.

He added that during HH the Amir’s visit to Uzbekistan, there would be significant talks to activate trade relations between businesspersons in both countries. The talks would also deal with all available fields for cooperation between the chambers of Uzbekistan and Qatar, especially in agriculture, energy, industry, and other vital fields of interest for both sides, like technology.

Vakhabov indicated that Uzbekistan is open for business and trade, and its businesspersons are interested in entering into partnerships with the Qatari side, especially in agriculture. In turn, Qatar is well-known for its construction field, especially in real estate and infrastructure.

The Chairman of the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan pointed out that the visit of HH the Amir represents an opportunity for businesspersons from both countries to sit together and discuss all issues related to developing trade means between Uzbekistan and Qatar and introduce the Qatari businesspersons to the facilities provided by the government of Tashkent for investors and entrepreneurs.

In this regard, he reviewed the facilities offered by Uzbekistan for foreign investors to encourage trade and establish industrial projects, including tax exemptions, facilities in water and electricity, granting lands as well as facilities in import and export, and other governmental incentives to attract businesspersons and investments.

The Chairman of the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan pointed out that the chamber is working on using HH the Amir’s visit to hold a consultation session between Qatari and Uzbek businesspersons, which will focus in its first stage on exploring mutual trade opportunities between the two countries and the common business fields, then involve in serious intensive talks to establish a strategic trade partnership.

He stressed that the areas of joint work between the two sides are very promising, especially with the openness of the two countries to the global market and their provision of enriched trade and investment opportunities with promising futures.

Vakhabov talked about the cooperation between the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its Qatari counterpart as both chambers signed a memorandum of understanding in Doha in November 2010.

He said that the near future should see the expansion of exporting local Uzbek products. He suggested increasing the export of Uzbek fresh and dried fruits and vegetables and food products to Qatar, including establishing the legal foundations between the certification and licensing authorities.

Concluding his remarks to QNA, the Chairman of the CCI of the Republic of Uzbekistan noted the great experience that Qatar is gaining in the oil refining as well as petrochemical and chemical industries, as he proposed the establishment of joint ventures with the participation of the capitals of Qatari companies, especially in the field of oil and gas processing.

Source: Qatar News Agency