Consumer Price Index in Palestine up by almost one percentage point during February – PCBS

The overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Palestine during February recorded an increase of 0.90% compared with January, today said the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).

It said the increase in CPI was a result of the increase in the prices of fresh chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried vegetables, and eggs.

The West Bank has an increase of 0.99%, the Gaza Strip 0.95%, and a 0.32% increase in parts of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian CPI during February 2023 increased by 4.03% compared with February 2022 (4.71% in the West Bank, 4.05% in Jerusalem, and by 1.87% in Gaza Strip).

The changes in Palestinian CPI during February 2023 were traced back to changes in prices of the following expenditure subgroups compared with the previous month:

Source: Palestine news & Information Agency