Minister of Health Mai Alkaila said today that 136 new cases of COVID-19, eight deaths and 314 recoveries were registered in Palestine during the last 24 hours.

In her daily report on the coronavirus pandemic, Alkaila said six deaths from COVID-19 were registered in the West Bank, while another two deaths were recorded in Gaza.

A total of 2,745 COVID-19 tests were conducted during the reporting period. In the Gaza Strip, 57 coronavirus tests came out positive, while the West Bank had 79 new cases.

No update was available regarding the situation in occupied Jerusalem.

The Health Minister said that in the West Bank, 113 patients of COVID-19 are currently hospitalized, of whom 57 are in intensive care, including 16 on ventilators.

She pointed out that the recovery rate in Palestine has so far reached 98.2 percent, while active cases reached 0.8 percent. Deaths stood at only one percent of total infections.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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