Detainee Asem al-Barghouti denied lawyer visit

The Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday transferred the Palestinian detainee Asem al-Barghouti, 33, to al-Maskoubiyya interrogation center and issued an order preventing him from meeting his lawyer.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Ofer court decided to extend the detention of his father Omar al-Barghouti, 66, for 72 hours.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society said in a press statement that Omar and three of his sons, including Asem, are currently held in Israeli jails.

According to the statement, 40 Palestinians have been arrested in Kobar village in Ramallah since the Israeli forces killed Saleh al-Barghouti on 12 December 2018.

Despite his difficult health condition, Omar al-Barghouti has been subjected to harsh, uninterrupted interrogation by the Israeli authorities since he was arrested about a month ago.

Omar al-Barghouti had spent over 26 years in Israeli jails, while his son Asem was released in April 2018 after serving an 11-year sentence there.

Source: Palestine Information Center