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Discussing cooperation mechanism to provide fuel for electric power generation plants

A meeting in Sana’a headed by the Minister of Electricity and Energy in the caretaker government, Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti, discussed today, Tuesday, coordination and cooperation mechanisms regarding supplying the electricity stations of the General Electricity Corporation with their needs of oil derivatives.

The meeting, which included the Director General of the General Electricity Corporation, Dr. Mishal Ahmed Al-Rifi, and the acting CEO of the company, Muhammad Al-Lakoumi, reviewed topics related to the mechanism of importing fuel for power plants.

The meeting stressed the need to enhance cooperation, integration and coordination between the two bodies as a public sector, and issues related to the procedures that will be adopted during the coming period to provide fuel for generating stations, remove obstacles and solve problems related to that, in the public interest.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Executive Director of the Oil Company for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Osama Al-K
hatib, the Deputy Director-General of the Corporation for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Abdullah Qarada, and the Director of Financial Affairs, Salah Al-Zarqa.

Source: Yemen News Agency