Dozens of Palestinian students suffocate after Israeli forces targeted their school near Nablus

Dozens of Palestinian students and teachers suffered from suffocation due to inhaling tear gas after Israeli forces attacked and targeted Omar Bin Al-Khatab School in the town of Huwwara, to the south of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, according to local sources.

Raja Awad, the head of the school, told WAFA that a large unit of Israeli soldiers broke into the school and proceeded to fire tear gas canisters and sound bombs towards teachers and students while they were leaving school, causing several suffocation cases.

Israeli forces have been trying for nearly a month to obstruct the educational process in the Palestinian schools by terrorizing students and raiding schools, using throwing stones at Israeli forces as a pretext., Raja added.

He noted that teacher, along with the help of the towns’ community member, spread on the road leading to the school in order to guarantee that students arrive in their school safely.

Students of the school, which composed of 500 students from the first to the seventh grade, suffer from fear of reaching their school, due to Israeli forces’ measures against them.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency