Egypt condemns Israeli house demolitions in Jordan Valley’s village

CAIRO, Egypt condemned today the demolition of more than 70 houses and structures by the Israeli occupation forces in the Palestinian village of Humsa al-Buqaa in the Jordan Valley, in the occupied West Bank.
The house demolition caused the displacement of dozens of people, including children, the spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Hafez, said in a statement.
He stressed that this act constitutes a grave violation of international legitimacy and the provisions of international humanitarian law, adding that such practices further exacerbate the difficult humanitarian conditions endured by the Palestinian people.
“This further aggravates challenges related to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to hindering the two-state solution and chances of reaching a comprehensive and just peace and achieving stability in the region,” Hafez said.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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