EU launches ‘Know Europe’ competition across 80 schools in the West Bank and Gaza

JERUSALEM, Tuesday, With the participation of 80 schools across the West Bank and Gaza, the European Union and the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education launched the ‘Know Europe’ competition in Hebron. The competition is expected to include around 500 students of the 9th grade enrolled in public, private, and UNRWA schools.

The ‘Know Europe’ competition is organized again in the year 2018 after its successful implementation in 2017. This year, ‘Know Europe’ will take place in Ramallah, Jenin, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, Tulkarem, Qalqilia, Gaza city, and Rafah.

“We are happy to launch the ‘Know Europe’ competition again across the schools in the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks to the commitment and readiness of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, we were able, for the second year, to launch this interactive, interesting, and creative competition,” said the Deputy EU Representative Tomas Niklasson. “The European Union has a lot in common with Palestine and the region. Through this initiative, we aim to introduce ourselves again to students of Palestine: introduce our values, culture, history, and identity. For us, this is one way to affirm once again that we are committed to supporting Palestinians,” he added.

The European Union is keen in communicating to the Palestinian public, of all ages, its founding principles, as well as cultural and historical ties with the region. The ‘Know Europe’ competition is one interactive way to share the European identity, culture and values with Palestinian students.

The ‘Know Europe’ competition will tackle cultural, historical, sports, arts, and geographical topics with regards to the European Union and its Member States. It is organized in two phases; the first phase includes a competition between schools of the same governorate. One school would then qualify to represent the governorate in the final round. Consequently, the final round will represent all Palestinian governorates and yield three winners of the first, second, and third places.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency