EU Threatens Serbia, Kosovo with Consequences for Violence

The European Union (EU) has threatened to impose punitive measures on Serbia and Kosovo if they do not avert a repeat of violence that targeted international peacekeepers after disputed elections of local mayors.

In a statement published on Saturday, the EU urged Kosovo and Serbia to take immediate and unconditional action to de-escalate the situation and to “stop using divisive rhetoric and refrain from any further uncoordinated actions.” The statement called for the urgent restoration of calm in northern Kosovo, where at the end of May, Serb militants attacked NATO peacekeepers with incendiary devices and stones during protests in the village of Zvecan, according to (dpa).

The European Union had warned, earlier, that violence “sets back Kosovo and the entire region and puts Euro-Atlantic aspirations at risk. Both Pristina and Belgrade must take concrete steps to de-escalate the situation, and refrain from further irresponsible behaviour.”

Source: Qatar News Agency