New data released by YouGov Eurotrack, a global public opinion and data company, shows that Israel’s favorability across Europe has suffered significantly since last February, with net favorability for the occupying state falling by at least 14 points in all countries surveyed.

Of all the countries surveyed, Israel is least favorable amongst Britons, with favorability falling from -14 in February to -41 in May, its lowest rating in Britain since 2016. Israel’s favorability is lowest amongst Labor voters, of whom only 13% view Israel favorably, with 68% viewing the country unfavorably. Conservative voters view Israel more favorably, although perceptions are still largely negative: 29% have a favorable impression of Israel while 53% have an unfavorable impression (net -24).

The next highest fall in Israel’s favorability is seen in France, decreasing 23 points from -13 to -36, the country’s lowest favorability rating amongst the French since May 2019.

A similar fall can be seen in Denmark, experiencing a 22 point drop from -17 to -39. Sweden and Germany see the smallest falls in favorability, at 17 and 14 points respectively.

Germany stands out from the rest of the countries surveyed with the highest net favorability rating for Israel at-24, nine points higher than the next highest country (Sweden) at -33.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

By webdesk