Fatah official: Central Council expected to establish mechanism for implementation of decisions

RAMALLAH, The Central Council, the second highest Palestinian decision making body after the National Council, is expected to establish mechanisms for the implementation of the decisions of previous sessions of the national and central councils, a senior Fatah official said on Saturday.

Mahmoud Aloul, deputy chairman of the ruling Fatah movement, which is headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, told Voice of Palestine radio that the Central Council, which is going to meet in Ramallah on Sunday, is going to set up mechanisms or committees to start implementing the decisions of the last two meetings of the national and central councils.

Aloul was referring to decisions that have to do with re-defining relations with Israel, which the Palestinians say has reneged on all agreements it had signed with them, starting with the 1993 Oslo Accords, and with the US administration, which recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and closed the Palestinian mission in Washington in clear violations of previous affirmations to the contrary.

We want to be able to have our natural rights back, particularly since the Palestinians are the only party still honoring these agreements, said Aloul.

He stressed that the next Central Council session is very important particularly since it comes at a time we find ourselves in conflict with three parties: the United States and Israel, which violated all the agreements we signed with them and they would not commit to them anymore, and Hamas, which has hijacked the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has been in conflict with the Palestinian Authority since its 2007 takeover of power in Gaza. Efforts so far to reconcile them and reunite the West Bank and Gaza have not yielded any results.

Aloul said, There are parties that stand with Israel and the US in the aggression against our people, while the president (Mahmoud Abbas) is leading a battle against all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Whatever they do, he said, it will not affect us or the stance of the president, he added.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency