Fatah official says reaction of Israel’s UN delegate proof that President is on right track

The bad-tempered reaction of the Israeli delegate to the United Nations, Danny Danon, to President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the Security Council yesterday is proof that the president is on the right track, today said Mahmoud Aloul, deputy to President Abbas in Fatah movement and member of its Central Committee.

We can see the impact of the president’s speech and his position in the Security Council through the Israeli reactions, Aloul told Palestine TV. So, when the Israeli (UN) delegate loses his temper, goes out of the diplomatic protocol, finds nothing sensible to respond with to the president other than rants, attacks and incitement, this points to the impact of the Palestinian position and the president’s speech on the world.

He said that the lies that Danon said to the Security Council did not affect President Abbas, but rather strengthened his standing in the hearts of his people. Attacking the President means that he leads a correct and accurate political line, said Aloul.

We are betting that we are able to thwart the deal of the century. No deal on the Palestinian situation can pass without a Palestinian consent, said the Fatah official.

Danon had openly called in his Security Council speech he delivered after Abbas’ for removing President Abbas from office in order to make peace.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Progress toward peace will not be made so long as President Abbas remains in his position, he said. Only when he steps down can Israel and the Palestinians move forward.

His statement was strongly criticized as incitement against the life of President Abbas, bringing to mind the same position Israel, and the US behind it, took from the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who was considered irrelevant before his sudden unexplained illness and short-after death.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency