Following a meeting with the head of the CEC, President to issue decrees on elections by January 20

RAMALLAH, President Mahmoud Abbas met tonight with the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Hanna Nasser, during which they discussed dates for holding the legislative, presidential and National Council elections, as was agreed by the national forces.
Nasser proposed specific dates for the elections and it was decided that another meeting with the CEC will be held a week from today in order for the President to issue the elections decrees at a time no later than January 20, to be followed by a dialogue between the factions on the electoral process.
The CEC has indicated its readiness to carry out this national task to the fullest.
On this occasion, the President reiterated his position in consolidating national unity through a free and fair election process.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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