Gaza’s unemployment doubled since start of Israeli blockade – labor

GAZA, Gaza unemployment has doubled since Israel imposed a land, sea and air blockade on the Gaza Strip 12 years ago, the General Federation of Palestinian Labor Unions said on Thursday.

It said that while unemployment rate has reached 27.2% before the blockade, it has now reached 50%, including 283,000 workers considered unemployed in 2018, which it described as unprecedented.

In addition, poverty rate has reached 80%, which indicates critical deterioration in the standard of living and economic performance in the Gaza Strip, said the Federation, explaining that Gaza’s two million people have been living difficult and catastrophic conditions for over 12 years.

It urged immediate solutions to the high unemployment rate among the workers, which can come only through ending the Israeli blockade, which will revive the economy, as well as opening the borders to facilitate movement of people in Gaza.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency