Hamas calls for putting an end to PA’s political arrests in West Bank

Hamas Movement strongly condemned on Wednesday the political arrests of Palestinians in the West Bank by the Palestinian Authority and the brutal torture documented by human rights organizations in its prisons.

The Movement considered the PA forces’ raids on Palestinian homes where they attacked civilians and ransacked their house as an unacceptable act.

The testimonials collected by human rights organizations of torture in the PA jails reflect the sadistic nature of the PA, which is supposed to defend the Palestinian civilians against the Israeli forces and settlers, the group added.

Hamas said that the PA’s arrest campaign against the Palestinians in the West Bank is rejected at the national and popular levels.

The Movement also called on the Palestinian factions and dignitaries to take a firm stance to criminalize political arrests and exert efforts to pressure the PA to end its policies towards the Palestinian people.

Finally, Hamas expressed solidarity with a Palestinian mother who has been on hunger strike for the seventh day in a row to protest her son’s arrest by the PA security forces.

Source: Palestinian Info Center