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Health Authorities: Third mass graves found in Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

GAZA, A third mass grave had been found inside the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, west of Gaza City, from which 50 martyrs have been recovered so far, and the exhumation process is still going on, said health authorities Wednesday.

In a press conference, the health authorities affirmed that the number of mass graves found by medical teams inside hospitals reached seven, one in (Kamal Adwan Hospital), three graves in (Al-Shifa Medical Complex), and three graves in (Nasser Medical Complex), from which 520 martyrs were recovered.

It also held the Israeli occupation, the American administration, and the international community fully responsibility for the mass graves because of massacres against humanity by the occupying army.

Further, it called on the world to put pressure on the occupation in order to stop the genocidal war against the health sector and hospitals, and to open an independent international investigation into the crimes against humanity committed by the Israelis.

Source: Kuwait News Agency