Amal Movement’s delegation pursued its visit Saturday to the Iranian capital, Tehran, where its members met with Iranian Shoura Council Speaker, Ali Larijani, offering condolences on the martyrdom of Major General Qasem Soleimani, and dwelling on the current Lebanese status.

Following the visit, MP Ayoub Hmayid confirmed Iran’s solidarity and support for Lebanon. “Iran will stand by the Lebanese,” he said.

“Mr. Larijani commended the wisdom of the Lebanese in administering the government issue, the repercussions of Prime Minister Hariri’s resignation, and the assignment of Dr. Hassan Diab to form the new government. At the same time, he praised the wisdom of Speaker Nabih Berri and Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah in approaching the arising situation, stressing that the assassination operation will not dissuade the Islamic Republic from its path in support of liberation movements and resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, and in the face of terrorism embodied in America and Israel and all those who were born to create chaos in this region of the world and others,” Hmayid underlined.

The MP also indicated that the encounter was a chance to reiterate “the depth of connection between Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Iran at all junctures, and the willingness of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian Shoura Council to be alongside the Lebanese and provide support at the parliamentary level and the exchange of expertise that can always be beneficial.”

Source: National News Agency