Hundreds of Israelis take part in anti-Netanyahu protests

JERUSALEM, Hundreds of Israeli protesters gathered last night outside the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in occupied Jerusalem in what has become a weekly demonstration calling for the Israeli leader to resign.
Many protesters held Israeli flags or black or pink flags, which the grassroots movements behind the demonstrations have adopted as symbols. But as the rainy winter season has come early, turnout was reported to be lower than in recent weeks.
Smaller demonstrations were also held in Tel Aviv, outside Netanyahu’s vacation home in the seafront town of Caesarea and in other locations across the country.
Israeli media outlets said that prior to the weekly demonstrations last night, at least 18 people were arrested during clashes with police after hundreds of protesters against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marched down a major highway in the center of the country.
The “Crime Minister” organization, one of the groups leading the protests, responded to the arrests, saying they were politically motivated.
Netanyahu has been facing long-running charges of fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes. His trial is scheduled to enter its evidentiary phase in January.
For over five months, thousands of Israelis have took the streets of central Jerusalem near Netanyahu’s residence, calling on him to step down. Protesters say Netanyahu should not remain in office when he is on trial for corruption charges and accuse him of mishandling the coronavirus crisis.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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