NABLUS, Feb.26 – Israel has cut off Wednesday electricity for an hour to Nablus and Jenin districts in northern West Bank, deliberately plunging them into a power outage.

Sources of Northern Electricity Company, a private Palestinian company that supplies electricity to cities in northern West Bank, said that electricity would be cut off to the Nablus and Jenin districts from 2pm to 3pm due to the accumulation of debt to the Israeli Electric Company.

The Nablus Municipality also warned that electricity would also be disconnected to Nablus district during the same period.

This is the second time in a week that Israel disconnects electricity to northern West Bank.

The Israeli Electric Company reduced on Monday for the first time the amount of electricity supplied to the occupied Palestinian Territory as a result of the large debt owed to them by Palestinian Power Company and Palestinian government, a sum that exceeds 1.8 billion shekels (around $470 million).

The municipality called on health care institutions to stay alert and people to avoid using elevators.

Head of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Northern Electric Company together with Mayor of Nablus Monday stated to Middle East Monitor that the punitive action is open until the repayment of the money owed by the Palestinians.

The Israeli company had made several threats to limit the supply of electricity to the occupied Palestinian Territory and to cut off electricity for two hours to Palestinians living in East Jerusalem.

Minister of National Economy Mohammad Mustafa reportedly said on Monday that the bill of imported energy from Israel stands at $2.5 billion annually, which amounts to $7 million per day.