Israel goes backs on expelling French-American activist

JERUSALEM, An Israeli court reversed early Monday a deportation order against French-American activist Frank Romano after it had earlier decided to release him from prison and deport him after it accused him of disrupting police actions at the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, which is facing imminent Israeli demolition to replace it by a Jewish settlement.

Romano, professor of law at University of Paris and author of “Love and Terror in the Middle East who holds both American and French citizenship, was detained last week when activists confronted Israeli police and bulldozers attempting to block roads to the village.

The 66-year-old activist declared a hunger strike on Friday while in detention, calling on Israel to stop plans to evict the village of Khan al-Ahmar and displace its residents.

Romano will also be allowed to return to Khan al-Ahmar, where he and other activists have been holding a vigil in solidarity with the village residents and to prevent the demolition.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency