Israeli forces raid Tulkarm neighborhood for second consecutive night

TULKAREM, Wednesday, Israeli forces overnight raided the northern West Bank neighborhood of Shweikeh, north of Tulkarem, conducting large-scale raid and inspection operations for the second consecutive night.

WAFA correspondent reported local witnesses saying that a large number of Israeli troops deployed across its central residential neighborhood as they fired concussion and tear gas bombs.

Troops opened fire towards many youngsters who protested the raid and hurled stones at the military armored vehicles. No injuries were reported though.

Soldiers ransacked many of the civilians’ houses, subjected their inhabitants to intensive interrogation and checked their ID cards.

They also smashed the front doors of several stores, including a local computer shop, and ransacked them, causing extensive damage.

Shweikeh has recently been the target for overnight raids under the pretext of pursuing Ashraf Na’alweh, the main suspect in killing two Israeli settlers earlier this month in the illegal Israel settlement of Barkan.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency