Israeli forces raze West Bank land near the apartheid barrier, bar farmer from reaching it

Israeli forces today razed Palestinian-owned land near the apartheid barrier to the west of Deir al-Ghusun town, north of Tulkarm in the northern occupied West Bank, and barred its owners from reaching it, according to a farmer who was working on the land.

The farmer, Mohammad Hasan, who was subcontracting the land, said that he was surprised when he arrived at the two-dunum plot of land owned by a local resident to work on it to see Israeli bulldozers razing it without any prior notice.

He said the soldiers further banned them from accessing the land for a period of one month.

Hasan noted that the land was originally planted with vegetables, but was later converted to a parking lot due to its location near the barrier after Israeli military vehicles destroyed it by driving on the land and also firing tear gas at the greenhouses in that area.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency