Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen off Gaza coast, injures two

Two Palestinian fishermen were today wounded by rubber-coated metal rounds as Israeli navy boats attacked them while sailing off the northern coast of the Gaza Strip, forcing them to return to the shore, reported WAFA correspondent.

He said the two fishermen were taken to hospital after their return to shore and reported in stable condition.

The Israeli gunfire also hit the engine of the fishermen’s boat, damaging it.

Earlier today, the Israeli navy detained six Palestinian fishermen while at sea in the north of the Gaza Strip and later reports said four of the fishermen have been released and returned to Gaza.

Fishermen are not allowed to go deeper than six nautical miles into the sea in the south of the Gaza Strip and only three nautical miles in the north. But even then, fishermen are still attacked even if they stay within their marked zones.

The Gaza Strip has been under tight Israeli sea, land and air siege since 2005.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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