Israeli police assault footballers after leaving filed in Jerusalem’s Old City

JERUSALEM, – Israeli police Wednesday assaulted Palestinian football players after leaving a football pitch in Bab Hatta neighborhood in the old city of Jerusalem, according to witnesses.

They told WAFA that Israeli police beat up six young men after a football practice, which coincided with a police raid and several arrests in the area.

The young athletes were identified as Awni Saeda, Ahmad Halawani, Muhammad Saeda, Ahmad Salayma, Yahya Farrah and Ihab Tibieh, all from Wadi al-Joz neighborhood located outside the Old City wall.

Three were hospitalized, said medical sources, with one sustaining a critical injury in his kidney as a result of assault with police rifle butt.

A Bab Hatta resident said the neighborhood has been subjected to multiple raids that target both homes and shops under the pretext of stone throwing at Israeli police.

A witness said Israeli police forced some shop owners several days ago to close down and fined others in what has been described as a punitive measure.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency