Israeli police detains Al-Aqsa Mosque employees as Jewish fanatics desecrate the holy site

JERUSALEM, Israeli police detained and harassed on Tuesday employees of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City while they allowed groups of Jewish fanatics to desecrate the Muslim holy site, according to officials of the Waqf (Endowment) department in charge of the Mosque.

They said police detained two employees of the Waqf’s construction department who were trying to bring in tools and equipment to a site in the compound.

Police also detained a Palestinian who was praying at the closed Bab al-Rahmeh Gate (Golden Gate) and two others praying near the Marawani mosque inside the walled compound.

At the same time, Jewish fanatics intensified their provocative tours of the Muslim holy compound on Tuesday as they celebrated the Jewish Succot holiday.

Officials said police did not intervene to stop the fanatics from performing Jewish rituals and singing the Israeli national anthem loudly, which they said was a desecration of the holy place.

The standing status quo rules at the Mosque prevent non-Muslims from performing any religious ritual inside its yards.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency