Israeli settlers destroy 1,000 trees in Nablus

Israeli settlers on Sunday destroyed 1,000 seedlings set to be planted in Burqa village in Nablus.

Head of Burqa’s village council Jehad Shreida told Quds Press that a group of Israeli settlers, coming from the evacuated settlement of Homesh, stormed Palestinian lands in Burqa and chopped up 1,000 seedlings.

Shreida said that the village’s residents were planning to plant the trees in the attacked land which is set to be converted into a nature reserve.

He pointed out that the settlers, during the raid, attacked a Palestinian home in Burqa but no injuries were reported.

Anti-settlement activist Ghassan Daghlas said that settler attacks have been stepped up against the Palestinians and their property in Burqa village.

Daghlas said that dozens of Israeli settlers at night on Saturday sneaked into Burqa and carried out rock-throwing attacks on Palestinian homes.

Source: Palestine Info Center