Kaag pays visit to Ain El Helwe camp

United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Sigrid Kaag, visited on Tuesday Ain el Helwe camp in Sidon. She was accompanied by UNRWA’s General Director, Mathias Schmale, UNRWA’s Director in Sidon, Ibrahim Al Khatib.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) senior official in Lebanon, Fathi Abu al-Ardat, and a large number of Palestinian officials received them.

“Media gives a negative image of the camp but schools and basic services are required in order to improve the living conditions of people,” said Kaag. “We welcome the work and efforts of the committee which works in coordination with the Lebanese authorities and UNRWA to maintain stability and security in Lebanon.”

She said that she was holding regular meetings and was in regular communication with General Security Director, Abbas Ibrahim, and Army commander, General Jean Kahwaji.

Kaag pointed out that the living condition of the camp’s inhabitants, including Palestinian refugees, needed an improvement. “They [inhabitants] categorically reject terrorism and aspire for a better future.”

She added, “We are working with UNRWA to find the necessary funding for all Palestinian refugees.”

Source: National News Agency