Minister of Transport congratulates Revolution Leader and President Al-Mashat on anniversary of Prophet’s birthday

The Minister of Transport, Abdul-Wahab Yahya Al-Durrah, congratulated the Leader of the Revolution, Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and the Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Muhammad al-Mashat, on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday.

The Minister of Transport expressed his deepest congratulations and blessings to the Leader of the Revolution, the President and members of the Supreme Political Council, the Yemeni people and the Islamic nation on this immortal religious occasion.

He stressed that the celebration of our Yemeni people on the occasion of the honorable birth of the Prophet is a celebration of God’s grace, an appreciation of His grace, and thanks to Him for what He has bestowed upon all of humanity.

He said, “Our people will not be complacent, as they are steadfast, proud, alive, and strongly present in every place that calls for attendance, on the front lines, in the squares, and on occasions.”

Minister Al-Durra indicated that Yemen is entering a new phase that will determine its future in all areas of life through the expected radical change that embodies and strengthens the faith identity in general.

Source: Yemen News Agency