MOEHE: Modifying Assessment Policy Limits Students’ Academic Stumbling

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) stressed the importance of the amendments made to the assessment policy in limiting the students’ academic stumble and failure, helping them complete their studies based on what recent scientific studies proved in educational systems and the ineffectiveness of failure in developing students’ skills, in addition to its negative impact on their social and psychological state, indicating that applying the advanced educational strategies, following well-thought plans, and providing efficient support plans contribute to limiting failure and addressing student deficiencies.

In a press conference on Sunday, officials of the assessment department at the MOEHE explained the objectives of the assessment policy, its advantages, and the mechanism for its implementation, within the framework of the procedures undertaken by the Ministry to develop appropriate solutions and regulations for the challenges facing the students and contribute to helping them.

In this regard, Assistant Undersecretary for Evaluation Affairs at the MOEHE Khaled Al Harqan said that these amendments aim to prevent students from being affected by failure and to benefit from support programs concerned with addressing the education deficit in some academic subjects, expressing his hope that these amendments will contribute to developing students’ capabilities and limiting their academic stumble.

During the press conference, he stressed the importance of these amendments in addressing some aspects of students’ underachievement resulting from circumstances beyond their control. Grade 12 students (daytime and adult education), who are absent with an acceptable excuse during the first term in one or more subjects can apply for a second sessions exams, while those who are absent without an acceptable excuse will not be allowed to apply for a second sessions exams and they will repeat the year automatically.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Evaluation Affairs indicated that grade 12 students (daytime and adult education), who attend the final term 1 exams and are absent with an acceptable excuse during final term 2 exams in one or more subjects, their second sessions exams in these subjects will cover the term 2 curricula only and the marks will be added to their marks of the first term.

Source: Qatar News Agency