RAMALLAH, Palestine, Mar 20 – In a first official reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that, he opposes establishing a Palestinian state, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said that, these remarks “are worrying.”

Abbas made the statements Thursday, during a Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) executive committee meeting he chaired, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, according to state-run news agency “Wafa.”

“What Netanyahu said, about the two-state principle no longer being an option and that he opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state is not new, but is extremely worrying,” Abbas informed the PLO executive members.

He said that, if what Netanyahu said is true, “this means that the coming Israeli government doesn’t have any intentions for a political solution that leads to establishing a Palestinian state on 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.”

“We won’t change our position, which is demanding an implementation of the international resolutions, and also, it is our right to apply and head to any place in the world, to gain the international legitimacy,” said Abbas.

A few hours before announcing the exit polls of the Israeli parliamentary elections, held in Israel on Tuesday, Netanyahu declared that, there will be no Palestinian state, if he wins the elections.

Netanyahu’s Likud right-wing party earned 30 seats of the parliament, where observers expect that he will be able to form a fully right-wing Israeli government.