Newspapers Review: Dailies highlight Israeli army killing of Palestinians

RAMALLAH, The three Palestinian Arabic dailies highlighted on the front page of their Saturday issue Israeli army killing of five Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank on Friday.

The dailies said the soldiers shot and killed four Palestinian protesters at the borders with Gaza and 232 were wounded, while one more was killed during protests in the Ramallah-area village of al-Mazra al-Gharbieh in the West Bank and nine others wounded, one reported in serious condition.

The dailies printed pictures of the protests at the Gaza border while paramedics were transporting the wounded.

They said Israeli warplanes attacked several targets in the Gaza Strip after rockets were fired from Gaza into southern Israel in retaliation for the army killing of the protesters.

Al-Ayyam quoted an informed source saying an Egyptian delegation passed on to Hamas in Gaza an Israeli proposal for partially easing the blockade in return for reducing the border protests.

Al-Quds reported on the visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Oman and his meeting with the Omani leader, Sultan Qaboos, while Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev was in Abu Dhabi to attend a game an Israeli team was playing in.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida said Christian and Muslim clergy and officials protested outside the Coptic church in Ramallah on Friday Israel police attack on Coptic monks in Jerusalem last week. It said Palestine’s ambassador to Egypt submitted a letter from President Mahmoud Abbas to Pope Tawadros II, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, denouncing the Israeli police attack on the monks.

It said the Palestine Liberation Organization has condemned Israeli extension of the administrative detention of lawmaker Khalida Jarrar for four more months.

The paper also said Palestinian security carried out an operation in Hebron to rout out outlaws.

The three dailies reported on the tragedy in Jordan and the death 21 children whose bus was washed away by floods in the Dead Sea area caused by heavy rain on Thursday.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency