No force on earth can force our people to kneel, government says

RAMALLAH, Friday, The Palestinian government condemned on Friday the recent raids by Israeli occupation forces of the city of Ramallah, the de facto administrative center of the Palestinian government and leadership.

Government’s spokesman Yousef al-Mahmoud said in a press statement that the [Israeli] raids of the Palestinian cities come in the aftermath of the reckless remarks made by Netanyahu in which he threatens to ignite wars, adding that No force on earth can force our people to kneel.

Our people and leadership have declared a constant battle against all that is being waged against Palestine until all conspiracies are defeated, and until freedom, independence and the great Palestinian dream of establishing an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital are realized, al-Mahmoud concluded.

Over the past week, Israeli forces raided the cities of Ramallah and al-Bireh in the West Bank several times apparently in search of Palestinians wanted to the Israeli occupation authorities.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency