OCHA: Israeli killed three Palestinians in two weeks

JERUSALEM, The United Nations OCHA said in its Protection of Civilians Report published on Thursday that three Palestinians were killed, including two children, and 666 injured by Israeli forces, between August 28 and September 10.

According to the report, on two occasions during demonstrations that took place on September 7, east of Rafah, Israeli forces shot with live ammunition two 16 years-old boys, who were in close proximity to the fence, killing one of them, and severely injuring the other, who died of wounds sustained the following day.

Initial investigations and video footage suggest that none of the children were armed or threatened the lives of the Israeli forces.

Another 50 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces during two attempts by tens of boats that sailed from Gaza to break the Israeli naval blockade. The sailings, which took place on September 2 and 10, were part of the Great March of Return demonstrations. The boats were stopped by the Israeli navy, which opened live fire and tear gas canisters towards the boats.

Also on 7 September, at the time of the Friday demonstrations, the Israeli air force shot at a group of Palestinians and a military observation post in northern Gaza, resulting in no casualties. The first attack reportedly targeted people trying to launch incendiary balloons into Israel, and the second, according to Israeli sources, was in response to the setting on fire of an Israeli military tower by an incendiary kite.

At least 15 incidents involving Israeli forces opening fire at Palestinians were recorded, in the course of enforcing access restrictions imposed on land and sea areas off the coast of Gaza, forcing farmers and fishers to leave the areas.

Also, five fishermen were forced to take off their clothes and swim to Israeli naval boats, where they were detained and their boat was seized, according to Palestinian sources. Additionally, on one occasion, Israeli forces entered Gaza, and carried out land-levelling and excavation operations near the perimeter fence east of Gaza city.

In three separate incidents, Israeli forces arrested nine people, including two children, who were near the perimeter fence; four of them have since been released.

On September 3, Israeli forces shot and killed a 36-year-old Palestinian man, reportedly after he attempted to stab an Israeli soldier in the Israeli-controlled area of Hebron city (H2); no Israeli injuries were reported. The incident occurred at the entrance to the Giv’at Ha’Avot settlement compound. The body of the alleged attacker is being withheld by the Israeli authorities, along with the bodies of at least another fifteen Palestinians killed in similar incidents in previous months.

In the West Bank, 130 Palestinians, including 37 children, were injured by Israeli forces in multiple incidents. Of the total injuries, 32, including eight children, were reported during clashes with Israeli forces following the entry of Israelis to religious sites in Palestinian towns.

Citing the lack of Israeli-issued building permits, the Israeli authorities demolished or seized 25 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C and East Jerusalem, displacing 47 people, including 23 children, and affecting the livelihoods of another 108 people. Seventeen of the structures targeted were in Area C.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency