On Mother’s Day, Israel is holding five Palestinian mothers in its jails for resisting the occupation

As Palestine marks Mother’s Day, the Israeli occupation forces are holding five Palestinian mothers in jail for resisting the occupation, today said the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).
It said the five mothers, Isra Jaabis, Fadwa Hamadeh, Amani al-Hashim, Itaf Jaradat, and Yasmin Shaaban, are serving different prison terms, the highest is Jaabis imprisoned for 11 years, and Hamadeh and al-Hashim each serving 10 years.
The Israeli occupation prison administration deprives children of the imprisoned mothers from having an open visit with their mothers and from embracing their children, in addition to depriving some of them of visits, or often obstructing them, said the PPS.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency