GAZA, Oct.10 Palestine’s Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah stated Thursday that the national consensus government’s meeting in Gaza inaugurates a new phase of unitary action.

Hamdallah presided over the first meeting held by the national consensus government in Gaza. The meeting was held in President Mahmoud Abbas’ former residence.

Speaking during a press conference following the cabinet’s meeting, Hamdallah stated that the government has committed itself to unifying the homeland’s institutions in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, stressing that the strip is widely acknowledged as an integral part of the national project.

“The devastation we have seen is very shocking. The government commits itself to raise funds for Gaza reconstruction. Gaza has lived through three wars, and, therefore, we have to offer hope to Gaza population and work to lift the blockade and bring the occupation to an end,” he said.

“We need to raise many billions for Gaza rebuilding; a theme that we will tackle during the Gaza Reconstruction Conference slated to be held on Sunday October 12. The Palestinian delegation to the conference will be headed by the President himself. We have drawn up detailed plans for the reconstruction which will take several years to be completed,” added Hamadallah.

“Despite the many challenges we are facing, we have to circumvent them through our national unity. As this government represents all the Palestinians, I call upon all Palestinian factions to support the government towards achieving the final goal of bringing the Israeli occupation to an end and establishing the independent Palestinian state,” added Hamdallah.

The Premier stressed that the government has committed itself not only to tackling unemployment among the Gaza population, but also to providing hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities.

The premier noted that the government would make a payment for the salaries of public servants who have been employed since 2007 before the end of this month and that it has made an intervention to solve the issue of electricity and infrastructure and started to repair partly destroyed homes.

He stressed the government’s determination to end the internal division and address its negative consequences, noting that the national unity is irreversible.


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