Palestine hosts the Asian U-20 Women’s Qualifiers

The Asian qualifiers for the U-20 women’s teams hosted by Palestine kicks off tomorrow.

The competitions will open with a match between the Palestinian women’s team and the Nepal national team, which will be held at Faisal Husseini Stadium in al-Ram, north of occupied Jerusalem. The Northern Mariana Islands team will also participate in the qualifiers.

The Palestinian women’s team coach, Gina Khanouf, said during a press conference held in Ramallah today that the Palestinian national team is fully prepared to enter these qualifiers and compete in order to qualify for the next stage.

She pointed out that the national team has players in all positions with a promising future and they are ready for the match as they underwent preparation and training for these qualifiers for about eight months.

Khanouf indicated that holding the qualifiers in Palestine is an additional advantage for the players as they play on their land and in front of their fans.

Nepalese national team coach, Liam Gortig, said that his country is fully prepared for the qualifiers for the tournament that will be held in Pakistan next year.

He pointed out that the Nepal national team undertook intensive preparations and training for this tournament over a period of three months.

As for the Northern Marina Islands coach, he said that participating in this tournament is a goal in itself, which will show through the good performance of his team.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency