About Us

An introduction

The Arab news network is the news website that caters to the news related to the Palestine and to the news from all over the world. As the website depicts that this website covers the core issues related to Palestine, we strive hard to keep that specific credence alive by maintaining our professionalism and by sticking to the norms of journalism. One of our biggest goals is to witness the peace in this specific region as we believe that the peace of the world relies on the situation of Palestine.

Code of Ethics

Our website is taken as the reliable source of publishing news related to Palestine, and that is why our pivotal task is to maintain our credibility. Palestine has been in the limelight of the world’s politics for a long a time and that increases its worth and compels us not to overlook to verify any news related to it before publishing it on our website. After the struggle of many years we have succeeded to make people trust us for both “the news of Palestine and the news from the rest of the world” that means that we will never lose the trust of people and for that we do not compromise on our credibility.

The corporate world trusts us

The reason for the corporate world to trust us is because they consider us as the integral part of the corporate world and that is because of our approach of highlighting matters related to the economy in the shape of news on our website. Our aim is to support the world’s economy and decrease the world’s financial crisis and that is what which reflects from different economy news on our website. Not only through news we help the corporate world, in fact, we offer them to use our platform for submitting their press releases in order to get the global reach and increase the number of traffic on their website.

We are active on social media

The reason to be active on social media is to have a direct interaction with the readers of Arab news network, because we consider that only through social media websites we can get an instant response of people on the news which we share on our website. Our devotion to get people aware about every event can be judged through the services we offer them such as email news alerts and RSS news feed.