Palestine Taekwondo tournament postponed due to delay in Israeli permits for players

RAMALLAH, the Third Palestine Open International Taekwondo Tournament WTF G-1 that was supposed to open on Thursday in Ramallah was postponed until Friday after a delay in issuing of Israeli permits for the players, according to the organizers of the tournament, the Palestine Taekwondo Federation (PTF).

They said that Israel has so far issued 200 permits for players out of 350 applications from several countries, explaining that players from the United States, Tunisia, Jordan, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Libya have already arrived in Ramallah in preparation for the tournament.

The PTF said the two-day international tournament was originally scheduled to kick off at the sports center in Birzeit University, near Ramallah, on Thursday but has been put off until Friday with the hope that permits will be issued for the remaining players.

It will be immediately followed on Sunday by the Arab Taekwondo Junior Tournament.

The Palestinians have regularly complained that Israeli restrictions hamper sport activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency