Palestinian captives “hysterically shivering of cold” in Israeli jails

As a tide of freezing temperatures has overwhelmed the Middle East, Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli occupation dungeons have been made to endure calamitous conditions.

Affidavits by prisoners and ex-prisoners provided shocking evidence about the endless suffering Palestinian detainees have been going through in Israeli prisons with the advent of winter season owing to the lack of winter garments, mattresses, and heating kit.

Attorney Jacqueline Fararja said she met the detainees while they were hysterically shivering of cold.

She said the detainees have been wearing light garments handed over to them by the prison authorities and have been denied access to winter clothes and garments.

She quoted the detainees as stating that they have been struggling for survival in Etzion lock-up, adding that several prisoners have caught life-threatening diseases.

The inmates also continue to rail against the poor-quality food distributed to them, saying it is very cold and tastes terrible.

Rights groups continue to warn of the tragic conditions wrought on Palestinians in Israeli occupation jails due to the poor hygiene and propagation of bacteria owing to the intense humidity and lack of exposure to sunbeams.

Nearly 7,000 Palestinian detainees are incarcerated in Israeli prisons, among them women and children.

Source: Palestine Info Center