Palestinian detained following Israeli army raid of Tulkarm neighborhood

TULKARM, Saturday, Israeli forces detained on Saturday a Palestinian youth after raiding the Tulkarm neighborhood of Shweikeh, in the north of the occupied West Bank, in pursuit of a Palestinian who allegedly killed two Israeli settlers two weeks ago.

Eyewitnesses said the army raided Shweikeh, home of the alleged attacker, and searched several homes, particularly a school that is still under construction after blowing up its gate believing the attacker, Ashraf Naawleh, may be hiding in it. The army detained in the process one youth after raiding his family home.

Naawleh killed two Israelis in the illegal West Bank settlement of Burkan on October 7 and injured a third before he got away. He remains at large as Israel has been waging a massive manhunt for him, raiding almost daily his neighborhood and family home and constantly detaining and interrogating his parents and sisters.

Shweikeh residents said the army flew surveillance balloons over the neighborhood as they blocked the streets and went around calling through loudspeakers on Naawleh to turn himself in.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency